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Getting great marks in your IGCSE Maths exam can be a challenge. Yet it is essential for going on to more advanced courses. Here are a few steps for getting excellent marks in your IGCSE Maths exam in Mira Road .

Get enough sleep and exercise. Now that you know how your brain remembers new maths concepts you can probably understand why enough sleep and exercise is needed. You need that brain of yours to be in top shape! Enough sleep helps you concentrate while exercise also helps clear your brain. This doesn’t mean you should be lazy or addicted to exercise until your studies suffer, of course. But you do need balance if you are going to get good marks on your IGCSE Maths exam. This is also another reason to review during the year, not just cramming at the end of the year. If you have to cram too much at the end of the year, you will go to your exam tired and inefficient. Not the way to get top marks!


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IGCSE Online Test For Class 10 Do all your homework. Homework is often assigned to reinforce what you have learned in class. You need that reinforcement! The best way to learn concepts in IGCSE maths so that you will remember them quickly during the exam is practice, practice, practice! That’s largely what homework is for. Without that practice, you might think you have learned the lesson but when you do the test it escapes you. You need the extra practice to help get the maths procedures into you.

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Getting good marks in IGCSE Maths means that you need to understand concepts that will be new to you. Understanding is more than memorizing – you need to understand how the teacher reached the answer instead of just memorizing. If you can understand how to find the solution to the problem then you will be ready to answer the question correctly on the exam.

Like other modern programmers, IGCSE offers a wider range of subjects and encourages high academic standards through a practical approach to teaching and learning. Assessment is not limited to conventional written papers and they consist of a variety of tests e.g. oral and listening tests.

The assessment is aimed at a wide ability range of students, with an eight-point grading scale, from A+ to G, with A+ being the highest.

IGCSE is a balanced curriculum and a flexible course of study in Mira Road . Most subjects offer a choice between core curriculum and extended curriculum.


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IGCSE Key Features of the Programme Provides an ideal foundation for higher-level courses such as the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, 'A' Levels and the North American APT (Advanced Placement Test); Has worldwide recognition and is equivalent to the Certificate of Secondary Education from Indian education boards, General Certificate of Secondary Education, and 'O' Level; Offers syllabi which reflect local economies and cultures within a global context, hence ensuring that students gain a wide perspective while recognizing and valuing their own environment; Develops key learning, problem-solving and investigative skills by encouraging an active, critical and questioning approach to study;

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The IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) Programmer is administered by CIE (Cambridge International Examinations). In the two-year IGCSE programmer at DAIS, Classes IX and X students study a range of subjects that are exciting and challenging.

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While the syllabi and curricula of both IB MYP and IGCSE have an international outlook, IGCSE appears to be slightly better, in that it is tailored for a more multi-cultural and more multi-lingual audience.

Does the IGCSE start only in Class 9? What about the primary years? Can a student do IGCSE after completing his/ her earlier schooling through a different board?

Currently, IGCSE is a two-year programmer starting at the Class 9 level. A student who has done his/ her early schooling from any other board can join the IGCSE programmer at the Class 9 level.

CIE has declared the launch of its new Cambridge International Primary Programmer in June this year.


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IGCSE examinations are offered by the University of Cambridge, IGCSE stands for International General Certificate Secondary Education in Mira Road . This course is offered in many subjects and many countries.

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The fifth and the most important step to pass the examination is studying revision notes. The students should prepare their own revision notes in order to understand the concept clearly. If he/she is unable to do so he/she should borrow it from a friend. If your friend does not have get it from an enemy because believe me they will help you get A grades in the IGCSE examination.

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In order to pass IGCSE examination, the students should read the books and notes endorsed by the University of Cambridge. University of Cambridge only endorses the books which are written by professional and experienced educators who have a vast knowledge in the particular field.

Through a stimulating classroom environment and high levels of student engagement, the programme empowers students to build on their own learning styles. In doing so, the curriculum actively supports discussion-based learning and hands-on activities, and embeds innovative approaches to learning across all subjects. In Class VIII, which is a preparatory year, students study First Language English, and Literature; Hindi, French or Spanish as a Second Language; History; Geography; Physics; Chemistry; Biology; Mathematics; and Computer Studies. In addition, they learn Indian and Western Music, Dance, Yoga, Art and Drama.Students have opportunities to pursue their varied interests and engage in overseas exchange programmes, the International Award for Young People (IAYP) trips, Model United Nations (MUN), Round Square (RS) and educational trips. The co-curricular activities and service initiatives are integral to student life, nurturing self-aware individuals who are responsible towards themselves and the community.


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