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IGCSE is expanded as International General Certificate of Secondary Education in chirle. It is a popular international certification for the secondary school. It is also referred to as O-Level or year 11 or fifth form in respective schools and countries, prior to proceeding to advanced levels such as the sixth form or A-level or 12 &13 year or even the pre-university studies.

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IGCSE was previously University of CIE, Cambridge International Examinations, in 1988. In fact, since 1858, University of Cambridge is the UK local examination board. The term “IGCSE” is a trademark registered of University of Cambridge. Normally, when someone says IGCSE, it is taken as the IGCSE Cambridge from the CIE board.

The curricula of the IGCSE are similar to O-Level rather than the GCSE UK national curriculums. Thus, the examination basis is considered rigorous and more challenging.

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Preparing for General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) maths requires a slightly different strategy as compared to other subjects. Here are some top tricks only a maths coach can tell you to help improve your grade.

Practice - GCSE maths is more like working on a video game. You need to practice, practice and practice till your hands and mind get set. Approach maths in a fun way and not as a burden. Don't burden yourself with immediate results though. If you cannot figure out a calculation at first, leave it for some time and return to it with a fresh mind. Your eventual speed and clarity of mind at the examination will depend entirely upon how much you have practiced. Also, space out your practice sessions like one hour every morning and one hour every evening.

Bite-size - For your GCSE maths studies and revision, divide your coursework into Algebra, Data Handling, Numbers, Shape, Space & Measures. That splits it down to a manageable practice routine. Tackle each section once a week.

Coursework - Don't avoid coursework as it will help you account for quite a bit of the eventual grade - up to 20 per cent! It may be a little extra work but it will keep you tension-free during the final GCSE maths exam.

Short cuts - Learn all the short calculation methods that can make the traditional calculation methods easier and faster. There are short cuts for divisions, multiplications and additions of long sets of numbers. You can easily find these quickie formulas on the Internet. Try puzzles and other useful ideas to quickly check if a number can be divided by a certain digit etc. Getting a high grade in GCSE maths is far easier than in other subjects and you can easily get an A if you try these tips.


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Indian Railways offers different types of travel classes on its coaches, with different patterns of seating or berths, depending on the class of travel.

The following class-accommodation combinations have been created for the system. The following table lists the classes in operation. Not all classes may be attached to a rake though.

Berths are classified as follows:

On any trains, there would normally be 64 seats/berths for 3 tier AC coaches (3A) and 72 seats/berths for 3 tier Sleeper coaches (SL) with the coaches having four entrances two each on either sides of the coach at their ends. These coaches would display the seat/berth numbers painted just above each of their windows that would be in alignment to that particular window. The Higher classes have reduction in their seating/berth capacity, for passenger comfort, based on their class respectively. New LHB rakes have 72 seats/berths for 3 tier AC coaches (3A). Middle berths are found in AC 3-tier Economy class coaches (3E), these coaches are meant for not so well off people, who desire a comfortable travel at lesser fare.

The "Second sitting" have 108 seats but with two additional entrances right in the middle of the coaches on their either sides. Therefore these coaches have six entrances.

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